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Cutting-Edge Energy:


Energy Systems Improvement based on Endogenous and Exogenous Exergy Distruction (Prof. Dr. Tetyana Morozyuk) *
Geothermal Energy and Resources" -
Consumer Energy Information - Fact Sheets * * The Hubbert's Peak
Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Review - Contents
The Energy Story:
Ben Wiens Energy Science:
On-Line Renewable Energy Education Module: 

About Temperature Thermo: ;
Tank-to-Wheels Energy flow:
UO Web Classes/Resources Related to Energy and Environmental Issues
Physics 301 - Energy and the Environment :
Einstein Papers Project
Institute Archives, including PhotoNet and Manuscript and Other Collections
Physics Research Conference
Caltech Libraries Online
Online Computer Library Center, Inc., in Dublin, Ohio
Twentieth Century Science and Technology, University of Minnesota
History of Science Department at Harvard University
Program on Science, Technology and Society at North Carolina State University 
More links: 
ME461/561 Sustainable Energy
EnergyFiles Home Page
Profiles in Renewable Energy: Case Studies of Successful Utility-Sector Projects
Nuclear Energy Institute
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Science News Online - This Week - Feature Article - 10/25/97
ACEEE Home Page American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, ACEEE
Technology - How solar cells work - The solar cell
UCI Fusion Energy
Welcome to SunLab
Welcome to DG XVII at the European Commission
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Environment and Nature:Global Warming
ANZSES - The Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society
ORNL Center for Energy and Environmental Analysis
Solar Energy and Energy Conversion Laboratory
Association for the Conservation of Energy
CNN - Our Changing climate - a special report on global warming - 1997
ISES - The International Solar Energy Society
DOE - Fossil Energy Natural Gas Import and Export Activities
DOE Wind Energy Program
Solar Buildings Program Home Page
BioPower Website
Uranium Information Centre
ME3's Sustainable Minnesota
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
IANGV - International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
UCLA Combustion
UCL Combustion Research Group
Electric data and Information from the US Energy Information Administration
Combustion Research Facility
International Congress on Toxic Combustion Byproducts
Alternative and renewable fuels data and Information from the US Energy Information Administration
Global Climate Information Project
MGEA Home Page
CEERT Home Page
The CREST Guide
Fuel Cell Commercialization Group
Fuel Cells 2000's Homepage
Environmental News & Energy News
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
CNN - Natural gas vehicles on a roll in U.S. - Nov. 18, 1995
Press Release
William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Page Title
Energy: Special Feature
Welcome on the DSM Web Site
Desiccant Cooling Home Page
Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
Total Efficiency Network (TEN)
Earth Sciences Division-Berkeley Lab
Energy Info
Organization for Energy Conservation & Planning (OECP)
Organiztion for Energy Conservation & Planning (OECP)
Energy Information Administration
Energy and the Environment: Resources for a Networked World
Physics 161: Energy and The Environment Fall 1996
Other Internet Resources
Geothermal Technologies Program - Home Page
GOTWH: Residential Heating and Cooling
US Green Building Council
Home Energy Rating Systems Council -- Greetings !
Energy Source Builder Newsletter
GOTWH: Windows
Solstice: Energy Efficiency
World Energy Efficiency Association Home Page
The International Institute for Energy Conservation
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Association of Energy Services Professionals
ACEEE Home Page American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, ACEEE
Alliance to Save Energy - 20 Years of Leadership in Energy Efficiency
Solstice: Energy Efficiency
The Home Energy Saver: Librarian
Energy Crossroads
Energy Efficiency
National Energy Board / Office national de l'énergie
Texas Solar Energy Society
Planetary Engineering Group Earth
El Paso Solar Energy Association
MRES Home Page
Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association
Energy Web at USU!
Green Zone: TREIA
Direct solar energy - Key text
Links on renewable rural energy by Wim Klunne.
Biofuels Resources on the Internet
Welcome to the American Energy Crop Association
Bioenergy or Biomass Web Sites
Centre for Biomass Technology
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Biomass Utilization
Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program
Biomass Energy Businesses in the World
Biofuels Information Center
Bioenergy, its present and future competitiveness
Atmospheric Impact of Biomass Burning
Critical Mass Energy Project
Alliance to Save Energy - 20 Years of Leadership in Energy Efficiency
Physics 161: Energy and The Environment Fall 1996
Energy and the Environment: Resources for a Networked World
Todd Fagan's Energy Website Project for GEOG467 12/12/95
Scientific American: Explorations
Welcome to the DOE's Office of Energy Outreach
Welcome to HPS!
Worldwatch Home Page
Solar Energy in California
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Photovoltaics Website
Oklahoma State University Environmental Institute Homepage
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Political Ecology Group
The CEPMLP On-Line
Energy Efficiency: Home Page
Welcome to BC Pellet Fuel Manufacturers
Yahoo! - Oil/Energy Company News
THE ENVIRONMENT on NRDC ONLINE -- from the Natural Resources Defense Council
Know Nukes!-The CNTA Home Page!
A Quick Virtual Nuclear Power Plant Tour
The Department of Energy Photovoltaics Program
Energy in Agriculture Program
Solar Energy International Home Page
Alliance for Competitive Electricity
McMaster Institute for Energy Studies
SolarDome's Wind Energy Glossary
Welcome to
Alternative Technology Association's Web Page
Environmental Physics at UCR
Sarkey's Energy Center
Critically Evaluating WWW Resources
The Global Warming Reference
Public Perceptions of Global Warming
Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast
Global Warming Update
Global Warming Exchange
Global Warming Committee
Welcome To The EPA's Global Warming Web Site
Oregon Oil Heat Commission
Power Assoc. of No.CA
Organic. Rankine Cycle process integrated in the biomass CHP plant. in Lienz, Austria. Ingwald Obernberger, Peter Thonhofer, Erwin Reisenhofer ...

WSJ: Global Warming 300-year-old news - Man Made Global Warming ...
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide ...(PDF)

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