Professor Kostic Is an Occasional Keynote/Plenary/Inspirational Speaker and Lecturer
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Arrangements for speaking, consulting, and/or expert-witness could be made directly by emailing Speaking-Consulting Enquiry to or (preferred), or via Round Table Group Expert Consortium. Since Prof. Kostic has secured an "Early Retirement" from regular teaching (in Summer 2014), the Special Arrangements for longer, in-residence focused collaboration, lecturing and consulting could be arranged.

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YES! Thermodynamics, a science of energy, and the Mother of All Sciences will provide vision for the future energy solutions! Energy Pyramid *ThMechPhotons>PhStrings*

Professor Kostic has been delivering inspirational and motivational seminars and lectures in ENERGY Fundamentals and Future Challenges, as well as in the related Fluids/Thermal/Energy area, especially the Fundamental Laws of Nature and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, at international conferences and meetings, and at different educational and public institutions. Dr. Kostic is member of of the Round Table Group Expert Consortium and several professional associations and scientific advisory boards.
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