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Kostic Visited King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia
SEE - Society Energy and Environment: The “Zeroth Religion” for Everybody! [PDF]**[in DoMinore]*(EPESE'09-an invited Plenary Lecture)
Energy Is Everything - Literally: Fundamentals and Future Challenges (PDF Handout & Feedback),New Ideas in Science - Alternative Energy Conference, Northern Illinois University, March 16, 2009.(*)(PPT*U&*-*)
Plenary Lecture: Kostic, M., Heat Transfer, Thermal Energy and Entropy - Demystified (Related Reference&PPT), HMT'09-The 6th WSEAS International Conference on HEAT and MASS TRANSFER, Ningbo, China, January 10-12, 2009. * (Bridge)
Professor Kostic to present a Plenary Lecture: World Energy and Future (Related Reference&), EEESD'08-The 4th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, ECOSYSTEMS and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Algarve, Portugal, June 11-13, 2008.
Plenary Lecture: Kostic, M., Uniqueness and Universality of Heat Transfer presented at HMT'08-The5th WSEAS International Conference on HEAT and MASS TRANSFER in Acapulco, Mexico, January 25-27, 2008.

Northern Today (Kudos 1/14/2008; Kudos 4/21/008 and 12/1/08 Kudos) and ME News: CEET's Milivoje M. Kostic to deliver a Plenary Lecture at WSEAS-HMT'08 International Heat Transfer Conference
ME News (9/12/2007):
Northern Today (9/24/2007): Kudos:

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