Electromagnetic-Photonic Nature of Thermal and Mechanical Mass-Energy Transfer
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Electromagnetic Nature of Thermo-Mechanical Mass-Energy Transfer Due to Photon Diffusive Re-Emission and Propagation

It is widely believed that thermal heat conduction and mechanical work transfer are “massless” phenomena. However, based on existing observations of electron-shell interactions and well-established phenomena and theories, including Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence and thermal radiation, Kostic has reasoned and deduced, that for a conduction heat transfer (e.g. through a wall) or mechanical work transfer (e.g. a rotating shaft), there has to be electromagnetic energy transfer (i.e., via photon propagation) and commensurate mass-transfer trough material systems involved, from a mass-energy source to a sink system. Actually, the deficiency of classical Fourier heat conduction theory (parabolic differential equation), allowing infinite speed of thermal energy propagation (i.e., a change of temperature at one location is felt at infinity instantaneously), is raised by Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model, Relativistic Heat Conduction Theory, and Thermomass Theory, the latter also based on Einstein mass-energy equivalence with ‘thermon’ quasi-particle leading to inertia of heat transfer.

Kostic’s treatise may contribute to further understanding and generalization of electro-magnetic phenomena, including heat-conduction and mechanical energy transfer, and thus “fill the remaining gap” since all other phenomena, excluding gravitational and nuclear interactions, are due to the electromagnetic force interactions, namely all electro-chemical and thermo-mechanical phenomena, the latter as reasoned by Kostic. Based on simple, phenomenological, cause-and-effect conservation concepts and the mass-energy equivalence law, it is deduced by Kostic that conduction heat transfer and work transfer within material systems are photonic, i.e., electromagnetic in nature. The hypotheses posed, some thought-provoking, have additional objective to initiate further discussion with constructive criticism, and future research and applications in existing critical areas as well as emerging and novel applications, related to the conclusions deduced and open questions posed.

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Very generous from you to share your thoughts of great insight. ...
... I find it most important that you have recognized the key problem of modern physics ... MORE...

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Nothing occurs locally, nor globally in the universe, without mass-energy exchange/conversion and entropy production. It is crystal-clear (to me) that all confusions related to the far-reaching fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics, and especially the Second Law (Abstract & FULL paper), are due to the lack of their genuine and subtle comprehension. > Sadi Carnot's Reflections <*> Clausius Theory of Heat < Elusive Nature of Entropy * The Feynman Lectures on Physics *

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