Prof Kostic's Selected Lecture Notes/Presentations:

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Let's get acquainted-First Things First!*[PDF format is convenient for printing].
Unit Conversions and Constants

MEE 340 & 540: Fluid Mechanics:
Main equations *** Fluid Kinematic Properties - motion & deformation (in PPT)
General Conservation Laws (PPT)
Reynolds Transport Theorem vs. Material/Lagrange Derivative ( in PPT)

MEE 350 & 351: Thermodynamics I & II (Applied):
Introduction to Thermodynamics
Main Thermo Formulas, Etc. * in PDF * see
General Conservation Laws (PPT)
Thermo Properties/Relations
Chemical Reaction and Combustion
Chemical Equilibrium
Compressible Flow in Nozzles and Diffusers

MEE 390&490: Experimental Methods I&II:
Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods (also Animated Part)
Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Signals * Sampling and FFT
Measurement System Behavior
Probability and Statistics
Uncertainty/Error Analysis
Computerized Data Acquisition-DAQ
Temperature Measurements
Pressure and Velocity Measurements
Flow Rate Measurements
Strain Measurements
Midterm Exam Sample:: Problems, Solution and [Problem 1 Diagram].
Sample of MEE 390 Final Exam

MEE 452: Design of Thermal Systems:
Engineering Design-Concepts & Methods (also in PDF format for printing)
Engineering Design-An Exmple (also in and PDF format for printing)
Piping Systems-Part A (also in and PDF format for printing)
Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger Analysis: Example 3-2
Prime Movers: Pumps and Fans
Thermal System Simulation (also in and PDF format for printing)
Design Economy, Optimization, Reliability and Safety

(also in and PDF format for printing)

Other General Handouts: [Click Here!]