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Syllabus/Topics *Office Hours and Info;*L* Class/HW/Lab/Exam Policies/Rules * Let's get acquainted: First Things First!*[PDF]*Periodic_table*Energy Unit Conversion Calculator* Class schedule: MEE 101: MoWeFr 12-12:50 AM in EB 101. forKids The Energy Story Energy&Environment*(G-green-save)*Enerpedija(Osnove-Online)*Sustainable 
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Homework No. 1:
Assigned in week of Mo, 08-25-2014 (Due as per rules if not specified otherwise):

(HW#1a due Fr 08-29-2014 but no later than We 09-03-14 with written excuse):

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  1. Print (a) our class Syllabus, (b) Class/HW/Lab/Exam Policies, and (c) Office Hours and Info posted on my Web site,, label & sign it (in the upper right corner, example, including your Z-ID and date), and bring it for our next class meeting. Read the syllabus and its relevant links very carefully, and clarify with me all your concerns and doubts during our next class meeting.
  2. Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics: Academic integrity, honesty and professional ethics are very important aspects of learning in colleges and universities and later in social and professional life. Go to Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity at and obtain the Certificate of Completion, and submit it as HW.
  3. Review Let's get acquainted: First Things First!*[PDF format is convenient for printing].
  4. Send an email to Teaching Assistant - TA (see Office Hours and Info) and a copy to me ( with the subject line (exactly but without quotes, you may cut-and-paste): " MEE 101fa14 Student E-mail Contact ," and a 80-120 word free-assay (type the exact number of words at the beginning of your assay) by introducing yourself and expressing your expectations and concerns about the subject after reviewing the syllabus (do not attach the assay as separate file but it must be within the email message - cut-and-paste if you use Word file for example). State how many words exactly is your free-assay at the beginning of it. This email has to be sent by the deadline (BUT after reading very carefully the syllabus and its relevant links-the first item above) so that we can get your email address (using your email account you like to get responses to it) to make up email group list for our class, and be able to send you future class information via email (most of info will be also posted on our HW web page - if you ever change your email account you have to report it to me). Additional information will be provided by TA regarding the Blackboard use.
    NOTE: If the exact format/rules for the email are not followed (no exception) a credit of 1 point will be issued instead of 5 points. You may also get an
    "Auto-Reply: Sorry that your email could not be processed due to one or more of the following: (1) the class keyword is missing or improper (should be without spaces, etc) in the Subject line, and/or (2) no sender's name at the massage-end, and/or (3) no copy to TA, as per our class rules stated during the lectures and posted on the Web."
(i) Introduction to Energy Concepts and Issues - Human-Environment Energy Balance
A Keynote Lecture: Energy and Environment: Fundamentals, Challenges and Potentials, The 7th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT (EE'12), Kos Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2012.(*)
Energy_Everywhere_Explained (Handout)*Try to comprehend and make sense while you are reviewing presentation, as well as to remember the most important facts and concepts, since there may be a related quiz on the due date. Also: SEEppt and
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See also: The Energy Story; Energy&Environment

(HW#1b due We 09-03-14):

Also: Energy Is Everything - Literally: Fundamentals and Future Challenges (PDF Handout & Feedback),New Ideas in Science - Alternative Energy Conference, Northern Illinois University, March 16, 2009.(*)(PPT*U&*-*)

NOTE: TA Assignment at the beginning of every semester: Please print, read, and understand the following links:
     TA Work Description  and Important TA Role in Education Process, as well as relevant Course Syllabus, HW Assignments,
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Selected references and handouts are given below (additional handouts and references will be given during the lectures as needed):
Energy&Environment * Metric prefixes-conversion * Unit Conversions and Constants * Energy conversion factors and equivalents * Significant Digits  * Thermo Help online * Important Energy/Mass-System Concepts and the Essence of Thermodynamics * Molar-Mass * HyperPhysics * Main Thermo-Natural Laws * General Conservation Law: Revisiting the NET-IN-OUT * 2ndLaw-Clausius_Kelvin-Planck_Equivalent
Some Suggestions for Problem Solving * Lab Safety Rules * Project Instructions * Handouts Etc.
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